Where is the PGSPhysikSolverEnabled properetie?

Hello Community,

I’m FroschCrafterLP and would create a roller coaster but I can’t find the PGSPhysikSolverEnabled properetie. I need them to turn of that it would work but I can’t find it in the Workspace. If you know where the setting is please comment it. I really can’t find it. I am happy over every help I can get.

Your Sincerely,

It is already automatically enabled in all games now, the old physics solver was depreciated a few months back i believe

The PGSPhysicsSolverEnabled property is removed as spring physics were phased out. As far as physics go, you’ll have to use constraints or any part of whatever the physics engine offers you. You cannot turn off the new solver off and you shouldn’t either.

You’d know where this property went if you had searched around a bit first before asking a question.