Where should I start UI?

I’ve recently been wanting to get into UI design, but have no idea where to start, any ideas?


Yes, you should try out @wevetments tutorial, about UI design this will really help you out for ideas. I would suggest her tutorial:


I would follow the advice of @jordonh23

I also wanted to give you a few places to start though because it is important you first understand how the properties of interface elements work in Roblox. I would first read over the base GuiObject’s Position property. GuiObject is the abstract class from which all user-interface elements inherit their basic functionality.

This should help you get a better understanding of how sizing and positioning work in terms of Offset and Scale. It is important you learn the difference between these because it is vital to making your interface work properly on a variety of screen resolution or aspect ratios. I also suggest you read over the UDim2 datatype to help advance your understanding of this topic and how to implement it into your GUI.

Once you have done that you can also look into the various tweening methods built into the GUI object class. That will help you make your user interfaces fancier. Good luck, interface design is one of the most important aspects of a good game, you got this.

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UI Design, I like to say, reflects on what style of game you’re making it for. For example a low-poly style game may go for more curves, bubbly text, brighter colors, and generally more cartoony, while a more Modern or Sci-Fi styled game may go for more abstract shapes/designs.

However a mix of things may also work out for the best, and you don’t really want to overwhelm the player. Play around with designs and take inspiration, build off of ideas. In addition, take advantage of the Layout Controls such as Padding:


I would also follow the advice of @jordonh23 and @SuperBloxxor.
UI’s take a lot of time to get just right, for me at least and it pays off if you put the time. Anyways, I hope this helped and good luck!

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