Which method would be most reliable for Touched?

Hello! So @ForeverHD has this system called ZonePlus, and he uses an example for a Coin Spawner:

However, he is using it as an alternative to BasePart.Touched.

Also recently, I saw a DevForum post (Couldn’t find it) about developers using Raycasts instead of .Touched.

Should I use ZonePlus for an alternative to .Touched or no?
I use ZonePlus for projects that require zones.

If you have an answer, please let me know. Thanks! WE

I highlighted some of the caveats in a post from a few years back:

tldr: Touched and Untouched events are unreliable and can cause intense lag.

Hence I made ZonePlus to address them.

I’d just like to point out, it’s still okay to use .Touched events for scenarios where you disconnect the connection right away and don’t need to listen for TouchEnded. Take the Coin video above for example, I use .Touched to listen for a coin touch and destroy it right away if by a player (whilst using ZonePlus to handle the random spawning of the coins within that zone).

For everything else though it’s certainly worth considering resources such as ZonePlus and Swordphin’s Raycast Hitbox module until Roblox improve their events.