White screen when loading Roblox

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Hello. I have been playing Roblox, but after the 64 bit / Byfron updates, Roblox just starts to a white screen. I can interact with the game and hear the game audio, and in some games like Arsenal get as far as deploying by interacting with invisible buttons, but 99% of games are unplayable because of this. I have done things like resizing the window and following countless YouTube tutorials on how to fix this issue, but nothing works. Roblox Studio works just fine, but I want to be able to play games other than mine.

(64 bit MSI laptop with GTX 1650 graphics, Win11.)


There seems to be an issue with compatibility, either something hardware related, operating system or the client itself.
Don’t know exactly which steps you’ve already followed, but here are some suggestions on what you can do:

  • Update your gpu drivers or try to revert the driver version.
  • If you’re using the client version from the web, check if the same issue occurs on the Microsoft Store version and vice versa - Or maybe try reinstalling Roblox.
  • Try making a new Windows user and see if the problem happens there.

You should also contact Support - Roblox and see if they can help with the issue.

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I updated my GPU drivers, but it didn’t work (rollbacks didn’t work)
Microsoft store works but I want to use the Launcher instead of MS Store because Store version is kind of laggy.
I reinstalled Roblox 2 times
Tried another user


Is your computer 64 or 32 bit? I’m pretty sure you can check that through the about section of your pc settings.

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I have this same problem, also on an MSI laptop with NVIDIA 1650 graphics card, please let me know if anyone finds a fix, have tried literally everything and cannot get Roblox to work. I have a post here about the issue: Roblox white screen bug - Help and Feedback / Platform Usage Support - DevForum | Roblox


Have you tried this solution? It worked for me although it still crashed or closed itself when I joined two or three games but then it worked again.