Why are my car wheels so jittery? (hinge constraints?)

Hello fellow Roblox developers! Could anyone help me with my problem?

Expectations: I’ve come here because my car chassis is not acting correctly. I want the car to drive smoothly.

Issue: Every time I test my car, which I made using the following tutorial: Building a Basic Car (this is the new way of building cars with constraints and stuff) , my cars wheels are extremely jittery, with or without the body of the car on. Note I set the body to massless and cant collide. So I have no idea why the chassis is this jittery.
(Video example:)
Link to video on stremable.com

Attemtped fixes: I have tried changing the stiffness and constraint values but they do nothing. I followed the tutorial extremely closely, all I did was change the size of the base and re-adjust the tire blocks positions accordingly, but that’s it.

I am using the tutorial shown here (official Roblox tutorial): Building a Basic Car

Thank you for reading, hopefully we can find a solution :+1:

Try using spherical wheels

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Another solution: Make a script that keeps the wheels limiting angles both at 0 until you detect they are turning, then change the limiting angles to the default values.
(worked for me)