Why can't I pick stuff up?

just find the original ROBLOX sword tool in the toolbox, the first results is ROBLOX’s original sword tool, if you can’t try searching more

That’s the one I’m using with the weird code.

When you select the tool from the toolbox, is Roblox the creator and when was it last updated? A lot of the old tools in the toolbox don’t work anymore.
As you can see by the notes at the top of the script it has 4 different people who have rewritten the script.

Ya, Roblox is the creator of it. That’s why I was really confused when I saw that script.

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I’m gonna pile on:
You said there were no welds? Is the Handel weld to sword? Or is there a weld script, too?

The Handle is the only Part in his sword. The actual sword itself is a Mesh, as seen in his screenshot.

  1. Is the handle part called handle?
  2. Is CanTouch enabled? (very unlikely)
  3. Is there any script clearing the inventory at any point?
  4. Is there a TouchInterest?

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I think it is.


I don’t know but I can’t check right now.

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hmm, can you send a full hierarchy of the tool inside the model? (equipped)

It happens to all of the tools, should I just send the links to all of them in the library?

is .Enabled turned on aaa btw?

Ok, all are enabled and I also turned on manual activation, when I turned it on, I could pick up the sword but nothing else. Also, the sword is anchored and the rest aren’t but whenever I press anchor, nothing happens. The only other problem with the sword now is that when I use it, it teleports me back to where I picked it up.

don’t enable manual activation, this can cause a lot of severe bugs, you also shouldn’t anchor the sword which can cause positional bugs

also sure, send it in a saved and usable model, i’m gonna be messing with some of the controls in order to make it work

Ok, the unachor doesn’t work for some reason so I can’t do that. How to I save it as a model?

you don’t need to save it as a model, you just it save it to ROBLOX by right clicking on it and looking for the keyword, i’ll fix it somehow

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