Why can't new members answer to their own posts?

Why can’t new members answer to their own posts? it doesn’t make sense at all.

Let’s say someone has a question about a feature request that the new member posted.
The only way for new member to adress that is to mention/quote them in the main post or sending a dm.

Quoting is not so bad, but it would quickly add up into a cluttered post.
And dm’ing wouldn’t allow other users to get access to the relevant information.

There’s not any reason to block new users to reply in their own thread, so why disallow them?


Oddly enough, this only applies to feature requests. New members are able to freely reply on bug reports, and I am not sure why it is set up this way.
Other than that, replying to your own post is a technical limitation of Discourse where the permissions exist to allow or block replies to threads in certain categories, but there is no option to allow it if they are the poster.


Replies and first posts follow the same rule. Discourse (this forum software) does not have separate settings for this. It is a courtesy that it is allowed for new members to post in certain categories despite category restrictions in the first place.

We are however working on a plugin to let you do this. See the topic below.