Why do only two videos play instead of all of them, and how to fix it?

I’m currently experimenting with screens and I have three screens, but only two of them play and the other one doesn’t. It seems that only two screens can play at once?


local button = game.Workspace.Panel2.SurfaceGui.Frame3.TextButton2
local Screen1 = game.Workspace.Screen1
local Screen2 = game.Workspace.Screen2
local Screen3 = game.Workspace.Screen3
local VideoFrame1 = game.Workspace.Screen1.SurfaceGui.VideoFrame
local VideoFrame2 = game.Workspace.Screen2.SurfaceGui.VideoFrame
local VideoFrame3 = game.Workspace.Screen3.SurfaceGui.VideoFrame

local function leftClick()

	VideoFrame1.Looped = false
	VideoFrame2.Looped = false
	VideoFrame3.Looped = false
	VideoFrame1.Playing = true
	VideoFrame2.Playing = true
	VideoFrame3.Playing = true

	VideoFrame1.Video = "rbxassetid://5608400507"
	VideoFrame2.Video = "rbxassetid://5608400507"
	VideoFrame3.Video = "rbxassetid://5608400507"
	VideoFrame1.Video = ""
	VideoFrame2.Video = ""
	VideoFrame3.Video = ""


yes, there is a limit of 2 running videos at once, this is to help performance