Why does this happen and can i get help plz

robloxapp-20200830-1059198.wmv (4.3 MB)
why does this happen?? how do i make it stop??

so whats happening is that the character in R6 is sinking into the ground and the arm are wierdly sideways.

This isn’t the right topic. You also need to describe a little more on what’s happening.

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Any ideas on how to replicate the issue?

Is it the tools you are using, is it a virus in a plugin somewhere, or is it the grass floor?

idk what it is but everytime i put my game setting of avatar on R6 it keeps on doing this

So it works as expected with R15?

If so then it might be the guns fault as they seem to be effecting your animations and stuff

well im trying to make an fps game but even with R15 the fps gun doesn’t work

Hmm, that’s an entirely different issue with the guns scripting. I suggest using a free model gun that works or scripting your own.

I recommend the guns within the battle royale template as they seem to work:


how would i find a model that works? and i don’t know how to make my own fps gun unless you can give me some videos or something i can learn from.

Roblox gave out a weapons kit with a lot of documentation to read from here’s the site:


To make a gun yourself I recommend starting from the very basics of scripting where there are plenty on youtube. Moreover, don’t rush straight into programming a gun as there are many layers of knowledge before you can understand how they work like remote events, CFrame, Animation, Dictionaries, and a lot more. Personally I recommend Peasfactory.

Here’s another community resource for scripting your own FPS framework:

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Can you describe what is happening. Plus your title isn’t formal at all. Please use a more formal title, use grammar?