Why has the asset marketplace been removed?

Can you provide a link or a screenshot of said webpage?
That would be useful.

I’ve just noticed this myself, and the 2 topics I made in there are now also missing (though thankfully I already had them come to a close a good while ago).

This is more of a jokish guess as to why it was removed… since the creation of UGC and now Plugins can be sold, maybe free models are shifting over to just models and could eventually be sold, thus rendering that sub-forum useless (though I’d fail to see how you would prevent anyone from buying it, then just re-uploading it as free again (and then there’s the issue with people who like to steal places and such with those models in them)).

Perhaps it could be for more complicated reasons, or it could just be a legitimate mistake. We’ll just have to wait for an answer.

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I’ve tried to reproduce this “bug” or try get more details, and it seems to be true. Asset Marketplace is non-existence.

I don’t really have screenshots of the asset marketplace, but it was basically a sub forum category where players could sell and buy assets to eachother for real life currency or robux

Yeah, I was in the middle of selling something when it mysteriously disappeared without warning:
This should have also included the asset marketplace along with ‘recruitment’ and ‘portfolios’, but I don’t see anything.


It is also worth noting that the pinned topic About the Collaboration category in #collaboration has also been altered recently.

Seems there surely is something going on that hasn’t been announced yet.

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I thought this was only me. At first I assumed it was a bug/glitch but it looks like they removed it.


I can neither confirm nor deny the removal of this alleged “asset marketplace”

Jokes aside, it got filled with a lot of low-quality threads and assets, and was more trouble than it was worth, so it got bounced.


this whole post is a joke lol

They changed stuff arround a lot, yes a lot of categories and subs have been altered, not only #collaboration


It’s a good reason, BUT where will we ever find a place to sell!? So tragic! or we can just do it in #collaboration:recruitment

f in chat for public asset marketplace


The funny thing is, I could have sworn a few days ago someone trying to redirect someone else to the marketplace as they were selling their asset in the wrong forum category.

Now I understand.


I was in the middle of selling an item I’d made, but now where do I sell it??? Roblox please fix this. Alot of people sold stuff there…

It was shut down for a reason, just sell your stuff in #collaboration:portfolios


Oh no, that is like some people’s main source of income… If this is really getting removed then where can we sell stuff? Our portfolios?!


Please don’t post asset sales in #collaboration:portfolios, it will get flagged and removed. Just refrain from making those kinds of threads until an official announcement has been made.


Typically, if you’re able to live off of selling Roblox assets, it means you have a fanbase outside of the developer forums. These people can sell their assets on other platforms that isn’t the devforums.

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Rest in peace asset marketplace, we shall always cherish your existence. It will never be the same without you. :sob:

On a side note, you get an error now if you click on the asset marketplace about me page.

Just my two cents as someone who has frequented that category:

The fact that many of the threads made were selling assets made by someone brand new to Studio and in under an hour, with other devs quoting for prices that were literally for fractions of cents, yea good riddance.

And considering serious and high quality offers were still incorrectly quoted with laughably low prices, as a professional dev I found the entire thing exhausting and insulting.


Lately ive been seeing so many free modeled or stolen assets being sold in the category. Im guessing that’s why it got removed.

Personally though, I think the category should either require threads to be manually approved or have thread creation be locked to regular members only.


Interesting viewpoint, though I highly disagree. Regardless of whether or not an asset is deemed as “high-quality”, the creator of it deserves to at least have the opportunity of selling it; whether it’s bought or not is ultimately in the hand of a forum member who looks at said asset. For one to get rid of this chance altogether is something which I truly cannot understand, if no one purchases it then no one purchases it, no harm is done if that item is not bought or if it’s deemed as subpar.

In regard to your second point, even if a high-quality asset is incorrectly quoted with a “laughably” low price, the creator of the asset should at least know a price range for the asset they’re selling, so that their work is not too undervalued.

I legitimately loved the asset marketplace and found it to be one of the best sections of this forum. It was fine and wonderful the way it was and any change that might happen to it need not be implemented. Also, this is in regard to @InstanceChanged’s point, wouldn’t it be cruel if the marketplace was restricted to regular members as most members probably have a sufficient amount of robux whilst new members are the individuals who need it the most, thus needing the marketplace the most?

To sum up nicely, please Roblox, keep it how it was.


If you think about it logically, buying/selling from the asset marketplace was the most easy scam for both parties.

Usually if you are requesting a custom product from a developer, they aren’t going to spend so much time making it for you and then not give it to you: especially if it’s a specific logo that nobody else would want to buy. However, the asset marketplace had a lot of general things that could easily be re-sold over and over again which is why there was a ton of scambait.

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