Why is my game slient

only about 70% of the sfx work the reason error

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We had like 2 weeks to replace audio. How did you not know about the impending change

i was busy with other stuff you know i have more then roblox to do irl stuff

By the way, audio uploads are now free. You can try to replace those, but good luck knowing what assets those were.

its gonna take me a VERY LONG TIME to replace 2879 audio assets
i think i may bot upload assets to save time

I would really not recommend automating uploads, it could be a speedrun to account termination


Around 288 days to reupload them all with only verification or 29 days if you put in your ID or etc.

Also using a bot is a good way to speedrun a termination. In a nutshell: 2879 of your audio assets might need to be readjusted to re-fit the issue :cold_sweat:

Hmmm actually-
You can upload custom audio for that you are certain you have permission to use, such as audio you make yourself or license from original creators. ID-verified creators can upload 100 free audio assets per 30 days, and unverified creators can upload 10 free audio assets per 30 days.

Yeah that aint gonna be fun

roblox just terminates the accounts not the assets

i will just use cookies and a muti tool
i will mass upload a folder of assets
then i should have a list of asset ids and a ton of terminated accounts
i have 12k cookies and 500 proxys

and have just written down your plan to evade account termination, so your main may be banned anyways
is there no other way your game can lighten the load of how many unlicensed assets its uses? replace them with roblox’s supplied audios? legally license audio packs?


all of my assets have no copy right or free use

Risking it will probably just make the situation much worse for you. I wouldn’t do this.

Probably because of Roblox’ TRASH UPDATE, that privates any audio that you don’t know, and that you don’t own… Blame Roblox!