Why is spoonfeeding not allowed?

Then that’s a problem instead of us learning how to script we are learning how to memorize a script that’s if, you can’t personalize a script for your needs.

That’s not the problem here. If you asked a teacher for help, would they give you detention?
I am curious about why asking to be spoonfed is an instant moderation action.

Because Devforum is not school. When you go to school your teachers are getting paid, here in Devforum no one is getting paid to help.

Because the DevForums are a place to request for help. Not for the answers.
If you pestered your teacher consistently for the answer to the problem, and did not ask for help on steps to solving the problem, I’m sure you’d be subject to some form of backlash.

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Well, let’s reword it a bit. If you ask a teacher for help, would they call the principal for them to give you detention?

I just told you devforum is not school in school teachers get paid so obviously they’re less inclined to get mad, but im sure if you kept on asking them for answers they would, atleast my teacher does (not that I do but some of my classmates).

No? You are comparing the teacher giving you the answers (which would be spoon-feeding) vs asking for help (not spoon-feeding).

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The word spoonfeeding is kinda funny

But still, people need to learn to script.
The point of the devfourm is to help people.

You wont be warned for asking for help here, its just that you shouldnt be asking for the WHOLE code instead of help to solve the problem.

A teacher would probably do something to you if you ask them for the answer of a task, but they will help you in case you ask them to help you reaching the answer.

Spoonfeeding helped me because I use to take random scripts from the toolbox and read them then search up what they meant.

Although, giving an explanation on the code would help me when I couldn’t figure out what a certain keyword in a script meant and how it worked.


You may find it helpful to privately discuss with DET your moderation if you haven’t already.

DET can and do have an open dialog on your moderation here on the DevFourms.


There is a huge difference between learning and getting the answer. Dev-Forum is a place where we get knowledge about how we can apply our skills to solve simple to complex problems. Its same as how students would discuss various approach to solve the problem in school and stuff. Meanwhile, spoon-feeding is basically the same as jumping to the back of your text-book to find an answer to it, which may be correct but never provides you any information of why or how it got to that result, which doesn’t help someone who wants to understand how something works…

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It’s not exactly a problem that spoonfeeding isn’t allowed. But it’s a problem that moderation actions are being applied to new members that most likely didn’t know that spoonfeeding isn’t allowed. In fact, my first forum warning was for asking to be spoonfed.

That is why you read the rules. I quoted it for you, so you can’t use the excuse that “it’s not there” or that “new members won’t know”.

The topic listing the rules is clearly visible on the front page as a stickie:

There isn’t exactly a rule that says “Do not ask for spoonfeeding” or “Do not spoonfeed” so people might be confused.

The rules are not exhaustive, one of the first rule says:

So people can’t actually do the spoon-feeding, and as for people who ask to be, the help categories have a stickied “About” post that describes proper use of the category.

For instance, scripting support:

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Simply put: DOESNT PROMOTE LEArning

Longer: The forum is a place where newer devs can learn knowledge about any skill they’d like in Roblox. If you are directly asking for/providing direct answers you are not helping promote growth and will keep having to be spoonfed. (This is why people hire others so they don’t need to worry about the situation at all.)

There’s an old phrase that applies here: “if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day. If you teach the man to fish he will eat for life.” Spoonfeeding is giving the man the fish and teaching him to fish is guiding him to the answer.

Avoiding spoonfeeding is proper etiquette on any forum and the Roblox Developer Forum is no different. Be it game development, a language learning circle or a simple mathematics help website, people don’t spoonfeed you and it’s (from what I’ve seen) almost taboo to do so as well.

The purpose of help and resource forums is to teach you, help you grow and make sure that you know how to understand similar problems in the future. You build your knowledge and you set to work, or you get access to resources to help resolve problems on your own with some guidance from more experienced users. If you aren’t learning, then you know nothing, and then you’re reliant on others to do work for you. Help forums aren’t made to do work for you, that’s what commissions are for.

Spoonfeeding is non-productive and you don’t learn anything from being spoonfed. Having a block of code is great and all, but you’re probably not going to understand how to maintain it or implement it either if you don’t put your own effort in. Then you’re back again, asking more people to do work for you.

You are allowed to ask for knowledge, no one says you can’t. However, it is completely fair and in fact good to forbid new developers from getting spoonfed. They are here to, and should be here to, learn and improve their craft. Spoonfeeding will cause new developers to adopt this bad habit of not asking better questions about their problems or trying to resolve issues themselves first.


You said it very great, I now understand why is spoonfeeding not allowed. But what I do not understand is the fact that if you don’t want to be spoonfed, but the post might sound like you want to be spoonfed, you will end up with a Moderation action placed on your account.
That’s why I am afraid of posting in support categories.

You’ve been told this at minimum one time. This only results in feedback. Feedback, if not given in excess amounts, does not have any effect on you. Stop worrying about the trivial things.

There are ways to phrase a post better so you aren’t flagged as asking for systems. Providing information and your own attempts on the thread help.