Why isn't my model tweening in my script?

My model doesn’t seem to tween its CFrame. Can anyone help?

Plant = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlantingObjects.WheatSeed:Clone()
Plant.Parent = Soil
local PlantCf = Plant:GetPrimaryPartCFrame()
local SoilCF = CFrame.new(script.Parent.Position.X, script.Parent.Position.Y - 5, script.Parent.Position.Z)
PlantCf = Plant:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(SoilCF)
GrowTime = 10 / Divide
Tween = TweenInfo.new(GrowTime)
SoilCF = Soil.CFrame.Position
local TweenPlant = TweenService:Create(Plant.PrimaryPart.CFrame, Tween, {Position = SoilCF})

Models don’t have any CFrame property that can be tweened. You could tween a CFrameValue and constantly use SetPrimaryPartCFrame to that value, but that’s not really a good idea.

This tutorial might help.

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