Why isn't this working? Roblox gamePass script

I’m writing this script for a game, but for some reason it isn’t working, there WAS a error in the output because I accidently misspelled UserOwnsGamePassAsync without capitalising the P in pass.

I need help finding where I’ve gone wrong cause I can’t seem to understand my mistakes.

Are API Services/HTTP Requests on? Also, is the gamepass yours? If so, you might wanna try adding print statements

Both are on and I’ve done that, and got no result in the console. Could a virus cause this?

Have you made sure that “Golden Boom Box” is a child of ServerStorage?

Try putting the clone’s parent in the character.

ToolClone.Parent = Player.Character

You said there are no errors, right? (Have you checked Third Party Sales as enabled as well?)

It might be a bug with CharacterAdded, it doesn’t always fire. To check if that’s the problem, add a print under the CharacterAdded event, and if it doesn’t print anything then you should probably try to manually load the character with Player:LoadCharacter() and by disabling “CharacterAutoLoads” in the Players service.

I just created my own gamepass a quickly tested it. The following works.