Why New Members should be able to comment on feature requests vol. 2

My most recent request took 3 days before I got the first reply but that was in May

I believe that back in May it was only the Community Sages (or as they were called then, Lead Top Contributors) doing Post Approval. These days we have a dedicated group for responding to Post Approval requests that consists of 14 people and another community sage, so the process is much faster than when it was only 3 people doing it.

The response time varies, but like byc14 said, we try to prioritize replies to threads so that they can get out as quick as possible.


Speaking on this anecdotally, we do (albeit somewhat infrequently), and when a ROBLOXCRITICAL thread comes out it’s consistently flooded with stuff like this (that’s part of why a lot of the time they’re closed).

To analogize, large scale feature requests like Crippling Developers & Roblox Communities - An Argument for the Reversal of the Blanket Discord Ban right now have pretty good quality replies. From a quick scroll, I see detailed paragraphs and replies that further discussion. These are under the new member lock. Comparatively, I do not see this quality from ROBLOXCRITICAL threads, which are not under new member lock, and I see that we have to move a large quantity of posts.

However, unlike ROBLOXCRITICAL threads where progress and a solution is going to be made quickly, we cannot close large scale feature request threads and be done with it–we’d have to constantly monitor any replies that come in.

Leaving the area of my two cents, the rest of the replies here from buildthomas and our wonderful post approval members are true. Post approval has a noticable improvement on the quality of replies/threads, and our post approval team is very good about moving replies quickly. On a side note, you may have noticed that when you make a thread in a place like #platform-feedback:engine-bugs, it’ll automatically file a post approval request. This behavior is going to come to replies too, where you can just create a normal reply and it’ll file a request automatically.


As a former New Member, I see your point. It’s a real hassle doing anything under the post approval system. You can’t really have a discussion with someone through it.

As a Member, I see why. Post approval is intentional friction - you’re not going to submit random, low quality posts because it takes too much effort. You only go through the process when you feel you have something really important or meaningful to add. Maybe that’s by design.

Just my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Sadly, this is still a thing… I can create a bug report that can very well be low quality without Post Approval but not comment on a feature request that can be as equally low quality as a bug report.