Why won't my bubble chat appear?

Hi everyone! I’ve been greeted with this error whenever opening my game recently, and it seems their are some errors with the chat: what my player said will not pop up over there heads. Here is the Output I got:
05:06:23.987 - Infinite yield possible on ‘ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“DefaultChatSystemChatEvents”)’

05:06:23.988 - Stack Begin

05:06:23.988 - Script ‘Players.MrDaBigBoss.PlayerScripts.ChatScript.ChatMain’, Line 51

05:06:23.989 - Stack End

05:06:24.036 - Infinite yield possible on ‘ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“DefaultChatSystemChatEvents”)’

05:06:24.036 - Stack Begin

05:06:24.038 - Script

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I think this can fix it.

Instead of ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("DefaultChatSystemChatEvents"),
try ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("DefaultChatSystemChatEvents")

Lmk if it works!

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This comes from the Lua Chat System. Do you per chance use a fork? If yes, you need to update that yourself. If not, this is an issue with the default injected script. One thing though: it says infinite yield possible, not in progress. It could just be something to wait out.

I don’t happen to know what a fork is…

How can I access the BubbleChat source code. It is located inside the player and cannot be modified (I think).

You could just search it up.

Sorry for not looking it up… No, I don’t use a fork.

A temporary fix for this could be you copy the Roblox chat module and then change the module.BubbleChat = true.

To get the default roblox chat module, just play solo in studio go to the Chat Service and copy the “ChatModule” and scroll down to change it. Then to make it work, re-paste it into the Chat service.

This didn’t seem to change anything. Do you think that it would work if I changed all of the WaitForChild() to FindFirstChild()?

local DefaultChatSystemChatEvents = ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("DefaultChatSystemChatEvents")
local EventFolder = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("DefaultChatSystemChatEvents")
local clientChatModules = Chat:WaitForChild("ClientChatModules")
local ChatConstants = require(clientChatModules:WaitForChild("ChatConstants"))
local ChatSettings = require(clientChatModules:WaitForChild("ChatSettings"))
local messageCreatorModules = clientChatModules:WaitForChild("MessageCreatorModules")
local MessageCreatorUtil = require(messageCreatorModules:WaitForChild("Util"))

It works for me, follow my screenshots:

Look for where it says Module.BubbleChatEnabled

Copy the folder and delete everything except the ChatSettings Module, Don’t forget to check if the BubbleChatEnabled is true.

Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 12.24.29

Works for me.

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Did it work? Let me know :smiley:

Thank you! That fixes my problem!

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PS: If you are only doing things like changing a single setting, you should never fork out the whole system or even a whole module. I have written a tutorial to discourage forking the Lua Chat System for minor settings edits and show an alternative way, which I use to this day, for changing the chat settings.


Thank you, I’ll look into it :smiley: