Why won't the hinges on my car work?

I tried making a car like the one in this two part tutorial: Making a Car: VehicleSeat - YouTube

I followed it exactly but it the car refused to move (It rotated fine when i pushed it)

Then I tried a more simple design with a base part, 4 surface hinge cylinders and a vehicle seat, but the seat doesn’t detect any hinges, and when I attach the hinge parts to the base part, it just creates a regular weld instead of a rotate weld. Anybody know what’s going on here?

(Just creates a weld like this. People in tutorials get a blue outline, but mine is white):

Because hinge surfaces are disabled, So you have to go with new constriants , classic seat and programming :frowning:

And this video is too old (published in 2016).

And here is the announcement:

So vehicle seats don’t do anything anymore? I need to script a normal seat to move a model?

Yeah, hinges, motor surfaces and Vehicle seat are obsolete now.
This means making cars are harder now.

But here is another topic that can help you:

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bruh… there goes all my work… i have to use old chassises ooof

Yep, i’m literally hanging onto F3X for making vehicles.
I should learn scripting, but no.
But when the F3X team removes it, i’m just gonna stop :sad:

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wait! f3x has hinges?! i’m going to use f3x then! didn’t know that!

Actually you can still get to Hinges via the Surface Tool. Select Weld, click the surface. Then scroll down to properties, and select Hinge from the property tab. Understand though that eventually even this will be removed.

Also, the hinge won’t just auto-work anymore. You need the model to activate :MakeJoints. I uploaded a script that’ll do just that for you. Just drag and drop it into the model of the car in question.
(Like so:)


I used these two tutorials by Roblox to make a car yesterday.

Perhaps these could save some of your work?

The script:

local seat = script.Parent
local car = seat.Parent
local leftDrive = car.Body.LeftDrive
local rightDrive = car.Body.RightDrive
local steerHinge = car.FrontAxle.SteerHinge
local steeringAngle = 30
local maxSpeed = 10

local function onChanged (property)
	if property == "Steer" then
		steerHinge.TargetAngle = steeringAngle * seat.Steer
	if property == "Throttle" then
		leftDrive.AngularVelocity = maxSpeed * seat.Throttle
		rightDrive.AngularVelocity = -maxSpeed * seat.Throttle



Another way i found is too use Surface Tool to any surface then change the surface from Part properties to Hinge then Put the part with Collison off too the main part put them in model after that change the wheels Position with really small number and the car will auto weld it

i know my Reply is mess but it works