Will a "While Loop" Day and Night Cycle be an Issue for my game?

I disagree with animations look bad on server. My game is server sided because I’m trying to make my game as hard as possible to steal. I have lots of tweens and they look just fine. Same with normal animations.

The perspective is that of the client. Method used is tween. The green part is animated by the client and the blue part is animated by the server. The green part is objectively smooth while the blue part is objectively jittery. This will be exaggerated in a live server. Animations, with the exception of AnimatorTracks with the use specifically of Animators, should always be handled by the client. It also leaves the server with less work load.

(Although note that this was recorded at about 21/22 fps. The green part is actually much smoother in reality, and the blue part is even more jittery.) Keeping that simulation up, they’re now out-of-sync due to that delay:

The correct way to sync an animation between all clients is to end a remote at the same time or to have a timestamp that animations can adjust to (which would be more accurate).

Also I guess I need to keep clarifying that I mean animation in the form of tweens and other coded animations rather than animation tracks.

I almost forgot to mention that any sort of server-lag, which running these types of animations server-side would in no way help with, would cause major issues for those animations. Especially so if you were dealing with timing of any kind.