Wind Shake: High performance wind effect for leaves and foliage

You need to anchor them, of course.


Thanks, I didnt know you did have to anchor them xD

I’m wondering if the wind lines are still compatible? I tried tweaking around and adding the wind lines module into the WindShakeController but it didn’t seem to work. Are windlines deprecated now or am I doing something wrong?

It works for me. Check the example place to see if you’re doing it right

Is there any way that I could increase the distance the wind shake appear in? My game uses tons of tall palm trees, which causes the player to not be able to see much of the wind effects.


Interesting but i cant figure out how to use this, any videos on it?

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This is one of the best modules I have every seen. I love the style, I’ll for sure use this in my game!

Can you weld the leaves to the trunk if the trunk is moving? I tried but it don’t seem to work

Bought the plugin! For someone who doesn’t programme but still wants things like this in their games, this is a life safer! Great and easy to use plugin!

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Where exactly does the local script go? I put it into replicated storage, however, it is not functioning in the published version of my game. Any input would be appreciated.


The local script would go into any place that can run it such as ReplicatedFirst, StarterPlayerScripts, Playergui, Etc

nice module, dont mind if i yoink. really clean, and as you said, nice FPS.

Would there possibly be a way to attach the wind to a single area?

Thank you! I had originally put a serverscript into server script service instead of starterplayer. I appreciate the help!

I bought this plugin a while ago, it is extremely easy to use and works very well, 1 dollar for such a good plugin, pretty impressive!

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Is there a possibility to purchase the plugin with ROBUX ? :smiley:

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No, sorry. Roblox takes far too large a cut for that to be viable.


Is there a difference between the paid version and the plugin you can get for free?

I just bought the paid one and installed it, I then installed the free plugin and used it.


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Is there a way to make the leaves relative to the trunk, but still have them shake separately?

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I’ve tried the module and tested your windshake demo, seems a bit laggy with 17 fps.
Could it be my computer?

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