Would I get a warning for giving too many flags?

There has been a time when I have had to give too many flags, either because a category did not correspond or because of inappropriate responses.
So, would it be a bad idea to give from 20 to 50 in a short period of time, like in a month or in weeks, and should it be reduced?


If the flag is reasonable, I think it is okay. I think you would get a warning only if you flag it to maliciously hide the post.

Edit: Here is the link


As long as you aren’t flagging posts maliciously, I think it’s ok

As long as you aren’t flagging things because the person who made the topic was rude to you, you don’t want it there, etc. then it fine.

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The number of the flags doesn’t matter. They just have to be valid. Just keep in mind that if you see many rule-breaking replies in one topic, flag the topic for toxic behaviour instead.

Also, if you’re talking about account suspensions, they’re called strikes. However, if you’re talking about the messages DevRel sends, they’re called feedback messages. Warnings are a Discourse feature, but they aren’t used in the DevForum, though.