Would "insect legs" in Roblox even be possible?

Hey, I’ve been looking at creating a game similar to “Gear up” and one of the movement types is insect legs which allow you to strafe and climb up walls for a better position.
Something like this would make a great and unique concept as I don’t think I’ve seen it in any other games on Roblox.
But at the same time not seeing it in other games worries me as that could mean it’s impossible or extremely difficult to create something like this.
I’ve done some digging around in google and haven’t found much reguarding insect legs in Roblox
Would something like this be possible? If so would someone be willing to sell me a model or something that functions like the video below so I’d get an idea and make something like it?


That looks like it could work but I wonder if there’s a way to stick to an angled surface and climb up it

These game lets you climb angled walls, even upside down.

EgoMoose also made an entire post on the forum about this feature he created.

And here’s a video a popular youtuber made showcasing this feature.

I would assume that you would just have to animate each individual leg. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, the animation isn’t a new concept, that’s been done many times before. Just add the anti gravity feature in-

This is known as rig kinematics - where a limb reacts to differences in surface collisions as an animation calculation. Kinematics has been done on Roblox before (albeit likely with great difficulty), but I haven’t seen it applied to anything other than bipedal rigs.

Note that kinematic calculations are usually heavy for performance - some AAA games even give players the option to disable it in favour for fps improvements, as in most cases players feet clipping into a stair on a staircase may look silly if you’re looking really closely, it’s sometimes not worth the frame drop.


I found this post which includes a place file that has something very similar to what I wanted, however, I’d have to add a cframe to move it like a vehicle and find a way to make the wall stick only affect a vehicle with insect legs. Thanks for your help

There are many games similar that have this feature so yes