Would links to your portfolio website be alright?

Say that I had a website containing my portfolio, which has all the things that a regular old portfolio would have. Now that I’m finished with that said portfolio, I’ve been wondering - is it fine to post links to your portfolio website in your post in #collaboration:portfolios?

Posting off-site links is only against the rules in #bulletin-board. You should be fine, as long as there’s nothing malicious or 18+ on the site.


Just out of curiosity, does the site have to be secure, or is it only against rules if its malicious?

Not even thinking about making a site, im legit just curious for what others can post.

I don’t think it’s technically against the rules even if it is malicious, since there’s nothing in the rules about it. It just seems like a generally good rule of thumb that posting malicious links is a bad idea, and 18+ links in a section visible to under 13s also seems a bit iffy. You should definitely try to make it secure, though.