Would making this custom physics character be possible? (toribash character)

An idea popped into my head. Remake an old game I used to play called Toribash.
I was told it’d be really hard to implement those physics and gameplay mechanics into roblox.
I went ahead and made the character (just bc i could)

I then went onto some discord servers asking about whether this was possible for a bad scripter (me) to make, and how much it’d cost to hire someone to make it for me.


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I want more opinions on this. Something like this has never been done before on roblox (because its too hard?) so it could be very unique and successful.

For those who don't know about the game

Toribash how to : Spin Kick - YouTube
This should explain it

What is your opinion?
  • No, not possible in Roblox’s current state. Don’t try mate.
  • It’d take very long and be very hard, but it is possible. Try if you have the time.
  • Go hire someone to make it, its too advanced for you bro.
  • It wont be that hard
  • It looks pretty easy to make
  • That’s a piece of cake, i can make that in an hour or two.

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The characters aren’t animated :neutral_face: they’re parented to each other in a ragdoll sort of way, and you can contract and relax individual joints to perform complex moves.

Link a reference video to the movement you want.

I did - in the post it just didnt embed for some reason

This is possible but it would require a fair amount of effort, I’ve never tried to make something like that before so I don’t have a good idea of how you would recreate that movement other than something like this. More of I don’t really know what I’m looking at as it’s not visually easy to understand whats happening.

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My vote might be contradictory of what I’m about to say so I’ll explain:

If you want the execution done quickly in a “timely” manner, you should try finding someone to hire if you’re really considering making this game in mind with getting something back in return or just throwing stuff at it since it’ll be fun and you won’t find any hurt in it :thinking:

Otherwise, if you’re just doing it for fun, want to mess around, have no real plans to take it super far, you can try learning development slowly from the ground up on how to do about it.

The character can be created in game, blender won’t be necessary unless you plan to use skinned meshes or UV textures :thinking: Otherwise, if you’re sticking with Toribash style, it should be fine to just make it with normal parts.

Some knowledge of course will be required including (Dramatized for effect ha-) :
Inverse Kinematics
Physics and stuff
Messing around with collisions (roblox collisions are messy at times, adjusting it to fit your own will make it stable)
Procedural animation

The big lad Artificial Intelligence aka AI. Of course, this area is going to vary alot depending on what you’re doing with the characters. But assuming you want to get the general jist of Toribash, you have to have it be able to handle the following:
Movement (Contraction and relaxation)
Adaptation to surroundings
Ragdolling/adapting to physics
Being able to handle CO-OP/multiplayer (massive headache with this one as you’ll have to grab
everything and make it be able to adjust within multiplayer aspects including handling latency and
stuff/controls (assigning movement of limbs to fight).

Not to mention you’ll have to handle recording the data and keeping track of it while the fight extends further and further on. Plus characters will be interacting in unexpected ways alot so the physics handling will have to be pretty spot on not to have a breakdance moment.

Not impossible, not practical to do quickly in a short span, will take quite the time to make, Would not be fun to make if you’re a beginner/have no idea what you’re doing. Challenging and will take awhile to make if you’re experienced.

Hire someone if you plan to take it far, try messing around and learning some ropes if you’re doing it for fun/learning.

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