Would Something Like This Be Possible?

Hey, Was Curious If Something Like Shown In The Gif Is Possible To Make In Roblox ?

Edit: Just To Clarify I Want To Know If This Effect Is Possible To Make With A Model, NOT If I Can Use Gifs In Roblox.


Heres something that can help.

Sorry, I Should Have Clarified, I Meant That Would That Kind Of Behaviour Be Possible To Do With Models, Like Where A Model Would Slowly Appear From A Single Line. For Example Would It Be Possible To Make A Sword Appear Out Of A Portal ?

Add a frame that covers the half one side then make the circle go to the other side

You can hardcode this with parts, but this currently isn’t possible to my knowledge with any sort of meshes.

Though, if this is mainly for visuals (e.g. a cutscene), you may be able to use some visual tricks to create an illusion of this happening.

This is mainly only viable by using the glass material. Certain transparency values will cause parts to become invisible behind glass, even if the glass is nearly transparent. It will still reflect light (I’m unsure if there’s a workaround to this), but it will appear almost invisible:


The decal of the portal is on a part with glass material. Its transparency is displayed as 1 in properties, but it’s actually 0.9999999. The sword’s handle also has a slight transparency change of 0.011, a change is so small that it’s unnoticeable. To my knowledge, this is the best way to achieve what you might be looking for.

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You could achieve something like that with Viewports.

Though it takes some setting up and camera work to get right.