WW2 game ideas feedback

Currently I am making a WW2 game. First of all my modeling sucks, so I need to find a way to improve it, if you guys know how to change this, let me know.
Also I am making it so there are 3 generals who commands three branches of the military. Is this a good idea? The generals will be upgrading tech, production rates, and also can command troops where to go.

Finally, I am thinking about a 100 player server, would this work out or would this be a log machine?
This is about it thanks!

Also all of the swastikas will be replaced with the iron cross.


Definitely don’t do that. Ever played 100 player server piggy(the game). It’s extremely laggy and when you try to move your game will freeze. Instead of that, you could make them A.I.

One of the ways you could make the WW2 game would be too replicate it as close to real life as possible. Here’s my idea:
You start out as a normal character. Trapped in the war, all hope seems lost, until you decide to create your own army. With all the refugees who also lost their homes in the war, you start making an army.
^ That’s the intro. Afterwards, you can make it a level sort of thing. Meaning that you have to take your army and battle against other players, sort of like a tycoon. If you win, you get money and you can use that money to buy more troops, upgrade your weapons etc. You can also add the option to buy higher level troops which can deal more damage or will help with planning the attacks.


100 players is a bad idea as @Jagerzdxx said.
You don’t need to model to make a WW2 game, you can make it in studio-- just add a lot of details!
Personally, I don’t think adding 3 generals is a good idea. To have 3 generals in command of what you want (100 players) is a bad idea. That’s 35:1. Not only would you be overwhelmed but the power would probably go to your head and make you corrupt.
Even if it were 30 players in a game, 10 people is a fair bit to command and making 3 generals a thing to command people would be more war group based than any other game.

I’m not a specialist but the iron cross probably is in a very grey area. Making a game based upon a tragedy is in itself against the roblox rules but there are games like this and it’s somewhat overlooked. Try not to overstep the boundaries


Alright most of these are good, so how many people should be in each server, I am currently going with 3 branches per team so each general would command a branch. Also, should I force people into each branch or should they be able to switch whenever they feel like it?


It would be better if the maximum number of players was 50 or 45