Xbox memory WAY worse than PC

Opened up performance stats of an empty baseplate on PC vs xbox, xbox used 800+ MB while PC used ~100MB. Whats the deal, sounds like a bug to me.

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Aren’t consoles supposed to be optimized for gaming anyways? I mean, that is their only real/original purpose.

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With 8GB of RAM standard and arguably <1.5GB in use for the OS, there’s still plenty of memory in even the base Xbox One left for split screen work (I think it does that) and the like. Decompressing memory and using more when there’s nothing else fighting for it is fine and benefits the console’s performance.

EDIT: PC and mobile performance stats show the client likes it’s memory usage to hover around 200MB regardless of the game. Does the Xbox one still show this ridiculously low threshold?

Yeah my game servers crash on xbox but they never crash on PC. RIP my xbox players

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The memory usage should be for the Roblox client, which is 800+ on xbox for me on an empty baseplate.

Does worry me though if its just a baseplate… Considering the entire client is ~130MB, you would have to argue that the entire client is compressed at a 16% ratio to have to unpack into 800MB+

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The servers should act exactly the same though since crossplay is a thing.

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Steps to report a bug:

Please make your bug reports actionable or staff won’t be able to help you. Read over your bug report again and imagine what kind of info you’d like to have if you were the engineer trying to fix this. For example, a place link is a good place to start.

Pretty sure “empty baseplate” and “Xbox” are sufficient enough. The bug is pretty self explanatory.


You didn’t explain how Xbox using 800MB for a baseplate is a bug for you. This is perfectly fine if the Xbox has way more memory available. Maybe resources are loaded in the background that Xbox requires that aren’t present on PC or mobile.

If you have performance concerns in an actual game, please include the link and performance stats on that game. (and read my previous post)

PS: also a good idea to move this over to #bug-reports:xbox-bugs

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That brings up a very important question, how would we go about memory stress testing Roblox for Xbox? Create random instances?

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Submitted a ticket for this. Thanks.

I’d like to point that this will take careful investigation and is not something trivial. It could very well be that because we have the app data model still in memory, you are seeing more memory use. In which case, this could be difficult to fix. We will investigate though.