XenTorch | Neural Network Constructor

Thank you. I’ve noticed, the way I constructed the module is a little confusing so I’m planning on changing a few things in the future. Also good luck with your studies, I learned Machine Learning on my own too. EdX has a few courses which may help you, if you’re interested in digging deep into the mathematics.

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I am amazed on how this module works, though I am wondering will it still be getting updates in the near future?
Also will this module have LSTM?

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Unfortunately I have been busy with academics recently, so it will not be receiving updates in the near future.

tutorial youtube video on how to do complex stuff, like a algorithm that tried to go to a specific part and jumping when close enough, not jsut 2 inputs and 2 ouputs but isnt that hard. it would help users to understand how to use the module, i know how to make neuron, but idk how to make neural networks, im planning on using your module but the documentation is confusing with lots of confusing names chosen for variables and some weird functions.

Well… Doesn’t seem like the developer have time for that though.

Maybe have a look at my library instead? It’s all documented for your convenience.


your library is the most popular one, i saw it even before i started doing neural networks, but i was never able to understand it, im looking for libraries that use the same methods as me, but ig i will check out your tutorial now, thanks for help.

Yea, you really need to read the tutorials. Those things will make you learn the library easier.

It would probably take you around 1-3 days to fully understand the neural networks from my library if you were to follow the tutorials.

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