Xsticcy Icons [Not for sale due to possible copyright issues!] | 431 Free icons for your games/plugins!

Thank you!
I’m glad you like it!

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I like the idea, Good Job!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Could you add a backpack icon? It would help me out a ton if you could!

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It would be very useful if there were backpack icons in the list.
For now, ROBLOX has a few backpack icons built in. They are located at:
Old topbar ones:
New topbar ones:

I’m back! This time with another complaint! :frowning: Sorry… When I went to test my game I got this error:

Looks like’s a simple hierarchy error that could easily be fixed, but it’s very annoying and burying my bugs in the output.

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Hello! It looks like, this:

I’m back! This time with another complaint! :frowning: Sorry… When I went to test my game I got this error

Is a Roblox bug, but I think I’ve managed to fix it, if it still occours, please report it!

I’ve also added some backpack icons.
If you still can’t find something, please tell it!

I’m very soon to use your plugin I wanted to see it as it is I love it

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I found some ClassIcons are from Vanilla. The icon can be a script icon.

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Thanks. These will be good if you are a person like me who is not good at making icons. (I’m still learning photoshop)

I just checked through all the icons included and none of them appear to be from the Vanilla icon set, so everything should be fine here. I did notice some other possible copyright/trademark infringements though so that seems important to flag up.

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I took every icon from the toolbox. So I’m not responsible for any copyright issues I guess!

It’s more nuanced than that. Sure, you may not have been the original uploader, but you still take on some level of responsibility for being the distributor of them. Plus, if you cannot guarantee that the icons in your set are legally obtained, then this could cause massive legal issues for anyone using your plugins to source icons; they may end up using icons which they don’t actually have the right to use.

I would strongly recommend reviewing your icon set for copyright issues.

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Oh, I didn’t know about that. This could be a silly question though, but how can I make sure none of my icons is copyrighted?

The most reliable way you’ll probably find is reverse image search. This will immediately surface a lot of icons that have been taken from other software or packages. I noticed a lot of icons sourced from places like iOS and Windows, which are not legal to use as they remain the property of their respective companies. Reverse image search would quickly reveal those.

I also noticed that there are multiple icons sourced from places like famfamfam Silk or the Material icon set. While these are licensed openly, they typically require attribution, which isn’t currently present anywhere in your plugin. It would be a good idea to attribute these projects properly, regardless of where you sourced these icons originally.

I appreciate this may be a lot of work to do across hundreds of icons, but you could process them over time. Perhaps give a verified badge to icons you’ve already checked for legal issues, and simply tackle small groups of icons at a time.


Thanks for the information!
I think I will just make the plugin not for sale for now so I don’t get in any legal trouble. I don’t have the time to do this at the moment, I might go trough the icons later.

Try not getting offsale icons, it could be bad. Also don’t try getting icons not from toolbox, except for Vanilla icon sets that are generated from a code or toolbox.

Replace or delete copyrighted icons/images

Where do you think it would be possible to find uncopyrighted free icons, as most thing are copyrighted so it would be hard for him to find uncopyrighted ones.

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This website has royalty-free non-copyright icons. Try it out.

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Yes that is a really good one, another one I suggest is

IT does need to be credited but is free and noncopyrighted

You have to give attribution to them unfortunately.

Google Material Icons doesn’t require attribution as far as I’m aware, checking material.io really quickly.

Even though the license it uses mentions attribution, it isn’t required (github.com/google/material-design-icons):