<you tried> Anti Cheat System

Exploits being client sided is the exact reason why client sided anti cheats don’t work. Anything you do on the client can be bypassed.

If you want to prevent cheating, a server sided anti cheat is the only solution.


client sided anti-cheat do work, you just have to have the right knowledge to make one.

the anti cheat is still in beta. more features will come out soon and security improvements too

i’m also going to make everything in one single script so it will be easier to setup

They do work, but with enough effort anything on the client can be bypassed. All you’re doing is wasting your time and the exploiter’s time.

Why do you need this, Roblox is acquiring Byfron for the anticheat as it is announced at RDC22, if you want more info, go check this post, Welcoming Byfron to Roblox

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this is a bad move, anti-cheat should be spread into multiple scripts that way it’s more work for them to do, say they bypass your check to see if it’s been deleted they can just delete it and then its gg but if you have multiple scripts it’s alot more work, have each detection in it’s own script

also with this :HideScript() module function, just try putting

script.Parent = nil

at the top of the script (before anyone says this’ll just stop the script from working, you’re wrong) then that way calling :Destroy() on it will literally do nothing since it’s already parented to nil

im not even losing my time lol

I’m not saying rely completely on the client, there are some things that can be detected from the server, like noclip, speed exploits and flying, but there are exploits that can be only detected from the client.

Well, yes, but these server sided anti cheats are not compatible with every roblox games. For exemple, Ziplines in Parkour or in JToH will make you “fly”

yes that’s understandable, that’s why you make the anti-cheat around the game, or just make it so you can have a config file to disable and enable each part of the anti-cheat.

This is why “You Tried” is a client sided anti cheat. Its goal is to detect scripts injection, nothing else.

it is really easy to deobfuscate scripts

it’s not the script’s that are injecting, it’s the executor, you are merely detecting their code or whatever it’s adding.

it is also really easy to obfuscate scripts. isn’t it ?

oh and by chance are you using the PreloadAsync Detection method, if so it was patched months ago.

what if I tell you it didn’t ?

then cool you found a new gui detection method, but considering the gui’s you’ve listed seems similair to the ones PreloadAsync detects (I’ve noticed you haven’t listed Lazy Dex which has a bypass for the method)

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No one and me too really trust obfuscated scripts, i don’t mean its not work just make it unobufscated i don’t see what that change for you…