Zero - Information, Roadmap, Credits

Game Link: Zero[???] - Roblox

So, what exactly is Zero?
“Zero” invites you into a boundless open-world simulation, a mirror to our own unpredictable reality. Here, your ultimate quest is to unravel the enigma of the simulation itself. As you journey through this mysterious and ever-changing environment, every corner turned reveals more than meets the eye, challenging your perception of what you believed to be true.

Armed with curiosity and the will to seek answers beyond the surface, you’ll uncover hidden clues and secrets that piece together the reality of the simulation—and perhaps your very essence. This game isn’t just an adventure; it’s a call to those brave enough to question the fabric of reality and yearn for the ultimate revelation.

“Zero” is more than a game; it’s a challenge to break free. Dare to question, dare to discover, and you might just find the escape you’ve been searching for. Are you prepared to peel back the layers of the simulation and uncover what lies beneath?

@rasel0279 - Main Developer
@Retradox - Terrain Builder
@XxYui_VeraxX - Low Poly Builder