A teenager who’s dream is making some unique, creative and fun ROBLOX games.

I’m probably etching closer and closer to the dream the more I stay on the platform, as I learn many things in studio, external programs and whatnot. I’ve just recently been invited to this forum, and I feel like I’m able to reach out a lot better!

My portfolio:

Working for Me
I’ve got a handful of games and projects I’ve wanted to work on since the early days of being on ROBLOX (2012-2014) which I visit every now and then… Some of these ideas are widely unexplored on ROBLOX, which is why I think they’d be major bangers.
I’m still young and stupid, and poor at that, so if I’m hiring someone I can not pay them. It would have to be a percentage considering the game is monetized. Besides, I want someone who really wants to work on my project and put some passion in to it. That’s how the best ROBLOX games were produced.

Working for Others
Aside from my projects, I’m willing to do work for others. Especially if I have a good interest in it! I feel like I’m better with commissions, but I’m not that afraid of giving long shots a go.
Some things/genres that interest me are zombies, town and city, building, guns and war, roleplay(though I used to), and other things.
One thing that really disinterests me is the low-poly style of building, which yuck. I really don’t like toxic cultures, either, when in a development team. There are other things, too, but those two are key to me…

If you want to contact me, I have my pms open(follower) as well as Discord Dev#4077.