Changes to Place Management


This is a perfect solution to the problem. The only change would need to be some way to distinguish the start place (other than just being at the top) so people don’t get confused.


i would have the Starting Place icon and then the down arrow to its right, and move create new place to if they open the place-list, otherwise its underused and very glaring as a bright green button


Could we have a solution like WingItMan’s to this problem? I’m still having issues with completely worthless and unusable start places. The fact I can no longer add places directly from the create tab > edit game and I have to manually do it from studio is an unnecessary problem in of itself.


I’m not sure why they’re forcing everyone to do things in Studio to make things “easier.”

A lot of people including myself do things on the website mostly because Studio’s places page is so unresponsive it’s unusable.


I agree, this is a bad change to place management and can easily be much better than what it is now.