Disabling "Seated" HumanoidStateType does not function properly


Expected behavior: When Seated is disabled, I don't sit in seats, and I don't even attempt to sit in seats.

Actual behavior: ROBLOX attaches character to seat and then attempts to disconnect it. Sometimes disconnection from seat does not work, and leaves the character perpetually in the "Freefall" state, welded to the seat with a SeatWeld, unable to jump to leave the seat.

Repro: Add a bunch of seats to an empty baseplate, disable local character's Seated state with game.Players.LocalPlayer.Humanoid:SetStateEnabled(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Seated, false), and walk over the seats


I wanted to bump this thread because I just encountered this problem with my game. I am forcing Players to walk to a certain place using the PathfindingService, and it tends to walk over a part of a bench forcing Players to sit.

I am aware that there are solutions to this but I would prefer if this State type worked like @EchoReaper mentioned.