Don't Render Non-Visible Studio Windows


TL;DR: Please stop rendering non-visible Studio windows.

Whenever I’m building in Roblox Studio I often have 2-4 copies of it open for testing/copying/pasting/modeling

I’ve noticed that my computer gets really slow when I do this unless I remember to minimize each Studio instance when I switch to another one (which is hard to remember to do).

Basically it seems to me that if I have a full screen instance of Studio running, all the non-visible Studio processes should stop eating my CPU/GPU cycles. It sucks because Windows 10 is still not great at time sharing my GPU and many of my Chrome tabs also want to use it, so browsing (i.e. the other half of developing a Roblox game) gets slow also.


One thing I highly dislike about studio is the laggy feeling. You can’t close a window, drag and drop something with out a fairly high pause, or sluggish animation. Compared to unity, this is insane. I’m sure starting with not rendering non-visible items would be a great way to optimization. Full support.


After upgrading to a 4K monitor, my computer is basically unusable once I have 4+ studio windows open in the background.

Geforce 980M