Fix parts being offset in online mode by replicating positions with full precision


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to have large parts that actually stay where you place them when you test your game online. If you place a large part, anchored or not, in studio you’ll notice that it stays in the same position if you save the place and open it again in studio, but it shifts out of place (more so the larger it is) in online mode.

I may be wrong, but I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere that this is because part positions are sent to clients with less precision than they’re stored in the place’s rbxl in order to reduce bandwidth usage. Makes sense. I feel that anchored parts, however, should have their positions sent to clients with full precision, as they’re not intended to move. In the rare event that an anchored part is moved, it’s likely to be done by using a tween, in which case the end position could be sent to the client and the client can interpolate it (as I think it already the case).

Again, there’s a fair chance I may have misunderstood what was said or be entirely wrong on all accounts here, but on the off-chance I’m not, this fix would be greatly appreciated by all of us who use large parts.

Remove clamp on part sizing

This would be a great fix as I personally have brought this up 2 years ago and was told it was being fixed yet it never was fixed. I notice this issue with smaller parts as well and this bug currently has broken any racing game I have ever made due to the offsetting it creates a bump which sends cars flying or pops them up into the air during a turn. The most annoying part about this is in studios it is perfectly smooth but in a actual server im getting like .01 or .006 offsetting, If this issue continues to exist I will have to stop 7 years worth of work and go to unity or some other platform where this type of issue does not occur. This issue is highly annoying for those of us who make racing games and others who try to do showcases or use bigger parts were it is more noticeable. Programs like blender use I believe .00000000 for positions and never offsets not even by .00000001 so for roblox I do not see why this can not be fixed as it only uses .000. This issue honestly should stop being overlooked and ignored.


I remember this ruining a game of mine back in 2009. It was super annoying. I had no idea it was still an issue


Yep still around started in 2008.