¿Whats the best program to animate (create icons)?

Hello, im developing a game and i would like to know what’s the best program to animate (to make icons)? btw i maked some cool R15 animations (karambit, pistol, sniper) so i think i can be a animator.

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I feel like Cartoon Animate 4 or blender.

Ok, ill try with cartoon because Blender gives me pain.

Wait, thats 2D?, im talking about a game and im in the roblox devforum, why Cartoon animate??

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize. try wings 3D

Oh Wait that is like blender I am so Sorry idk tbh

Dont worry, anyways i hate Blender because doesn’t loads models.

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I hate blender too. But some people are really good at it

Alr, i installed Wings 3D, now i should export selection?.

blender is very useful, i dont know why you would hate it. also you are being confusing, you are saying you want to create icons (2D), but say you want to do 3d animations

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Im talking about the game icon.

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He means and to make game Icons and for the game icon I suggest PhotoPea

Hey, i got Wings 3D but my Parts aren’t Wings 3D files what should i do?.

to be honest I don’t know as I used it like once and haven’t used it ever since sorry man. I am sure there is smt in Youtube

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Can u help me to search a video about wings 3d roblox? im going to give up searching a tutorial.


Isn’t that, i want to import objects from Roblox to Wings 3D.

I legit give up i was not able to find anything sorry. I think u need to ask Devforum or maybe play around and see

Well, ill try with Blender, ty for the help and for the time.

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