Škoda Car Dealership Shop Feedback

I’m sure you know Škoda [pronounced as shh-code-uh], but most of this is copied from my #waywoc post I did earlier, but I finished building a Škoda Car Dealership shop [Škoda is a car manufacturer company based on Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic (also known as Czechia)]

Build Photos

I got it from Škoda Car dealership in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Reference Photos


I know the bottom one is blurry unlike the top one, but I have no plans on doing the interior, also I had to move it to an empty baseplate because the one I am building in was causing too much lag whenever I tried to change a part [because of the part count being like 9000~], but I want to hear your thoughts on this build, reply to this topic with some feedback

It looks good. I can’t say it’s super good as it lacks materials and overall detail but it would work for most games. Maybe try adding PBR textures nad materials to add some detail and also building the interior.

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is this a reference you forgot to remove? how is it part of the build?

i don’t know what to put so I put that image there

put a car there that you design and photograph in studio to keep the style together

I didn’t design a car but I did take that car model I found in the toolbox, but I did do the image

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