‘Add to game’ feature in the Roblox catalog

Hi guys,

How do I insert a catalog item into my game as mentioned in this article?

I googled and they mention that there’s an “add to game” button on catalog items, but it doesn’t appear for me.

Go to your game, go to gamepasses, under that should be gear, click add gear and it will take you to the catalog, now the button should be there.

This might not work anymore because I haven’t done it in a while and there have been updates

Do you know if you can use the “add to game” feature for clothing as well?

I don’t think so because that bottom is under gear, to add clothes you need a script… I think.

Try it out for clothes and if it doesn’t work then use the script.

You can use Load Catalog Items plugin

Really? Can you send the link?

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hey sorry, but do u have a gif or screenshot to show? im trying it on my side but i cant find the button…

Sorry, I don’t know how to take screenshots on mobile and I can’t use my computer right now

this works! cool. i don’t understand something though: there are catalog items that need to be used through purchasing with robux. but currently, i can just load the item in my game and nobody has to pay anything to use it. is there some hidden cost somewhere?

THis plugin just loads the model of item. You need to make your own script that will give item to player when item bought.

but if i were a creator, wouldn’t it be a disadvantage for me? i could have earned lets say 350 robux but game creators can give it to players in their game for free.

It will give item only in your game, player will not get item into his inventory.

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Btw, I’m still curious if this is possible:

but i can’t seem to find that blue “add to game” button anywhere…


Well I Don’t know What’s The Problem But If You Don’t Want To Sell It For Robux, Use A Service Called InsertService

Link: InsertService | Roblox Creator Documentation


local InsertService = game:GetService("InsertService")

local AssetId = 00000000 -- type your id here

local Object = InsertService:LoadAsset(AssetId) -- Loading Object

Object.Parent = workspace -- You Can Put Something else Here.

You can make so a player will get item into his inventory by adding this: Avatar Editor Service | Roblox Creator Documentation. You will also get robux.

That looks really old, they probably changed that.

You dont need to do this. Use the plugin.

do i get commission for integrating these items in my game?

No you will not get commision.