“About the Forum Features category” lacks emphasis on the purpose of feature requests

As a DevForum user, it is currently difficult to browse the Forum Features category without occasionally seeing feature requests that either propose a solution or are subjective in asking for a feature that doesn’t address an actual problem. There is a common misconception that the purpose of feature requests is to just propose features. I’ll admit that I’ve even succumbed to this misconception and made this mistake in the past.

This introductory statement in the “About the Forum Features category” fails to emphasize the purpose and proper use of feature requests. While it does state near the end to “focus on problems and use cases, rather than proposed solutions,” I feel that this statement should be further emphasized (e.g., with bold text near the beginning) and elaborated upon. Something along the lines of this statement would work well:

The purpose of a feature request is to report a problem. Unlike bug reports which focus on incongruence between actual and expected behaviors, feature requests focus on asking for the current intended behavior to be changed because it’s causing a problem.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because it would improve the quality of feature requests by addressing this common misconception about them.


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