“Achievements & Goals” forum category suggestion

As a Roblox developer, I have accomplished many goals and achievements that I would love to share with a community who understands development and the achievements followed by it.
Adding a category named “Goals & Achievements” or something similar would be a great addition to the forum for us developers since we don’t really have anywhere else to post our achievements and accomplished goals that we are proud of anywhere else. A category such as this would make the forums a lot more positive since most goals are positive achievements to be proud of which benefits the community massively! It would improve my experience using the forum because I love to show my creations and lots don’t need feedback, just to show what I have completed.

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You can do this is portfolio, though? Moreover, if you dont need feedback on your creations and just want to showcase them, there’s the WAYWOC thread.

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That is correct, but the suggestion is mainly for accomplishments and achievements eg. (Reaching 1 million visits!) or (I have got 40 Million robux from my game in the past week!). That sort of achievement and also can include games to show off to the community because you can’t show off personal achievements in the listed categories.

Tbh, that sounds like a #lounge thing to me. People don’t need to know about how much robux you’ve earned or how much visits you game has reached. These things would be subjective, so users would just post a lot of achievements for the pure sake of flexing and it would really have no relevance with development. Imo, there doesn’t need to be a dedicated category for that because you can showcase your achievement within your portfolio, etc. This way it helps the people looking to hire you, and that really is the purpose of your portfolio. To include your achievements, milestones and everything else development related.

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I understand your point. My argument would be that it is a goal to earn a certain amount of robux from your game, that by far one of many developers main goals.

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Sounds pretty useless to me to me to be honest and it’s only going to create more off-topic threads. Besides, there are already threads like “What are you working on?” in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations that can easily showcase your achievements through development.


Bio is a good place to do this. Buildthomas, colbert2677 and many others have their achievements there, so technically this already exists.

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You could create a portfolio here.

If you wanted to share your creations, this would be the best place.

No point, as your basically making a thread exclusively for people saying “I did this!” and others congratulating them.

If you want to post your achievements, #bulletin-board, or your bio will work fine. If you want to post something you made without feedback, #collaboration:portfolios, #bulletin-board or the “What are you working on?” waywoc thread for this year.

Like most other profile additions, this can be done in the bio. Just put a little bit of effort into creating a bio that looks nice and displays your achievements, it’ll have the same effect. Setting a featured topic can also have similar effects.