“Edit Reason” Button has no purpose?

This button:

Has no purpose, or does it? When messing around with it, nothing happens.

Sorry for bad quality, filmed on a phone.
What’s the point of this button? What does it do?

The point of the "add edit reason" button is what is stated in the text of itself. When you are making an edit, big or small, you have the option of adding a reason of why you edited your response this way to further explain in detail about why you changed your post. I am not sure if this Response Reason is only visible to you or to everyone other than you or it’s just visible to the person you replied to.


Can you see this? This was my demo I used

I actually can’t see the edit reason, honestly it might be a bug or it just wasn’t set? I’m not exactly certain why I can’t view it nor am I certain it even saved. This could prove my query of if only a certain person can see the edit reason, like the person you are replying to, but I am not certain.

What I currently see from your link:

Here, I edited this with a reason, can you see it anywhere?

No I can’t. This is a very weird behavior that the Forum is exhibiting.

Should I mark it as a “bug?” Unless a LTC can see it- as soon as I say that, a LTC stars responding.

EDIT: oops, guess link something happened to them, anyways @xWil_l do you think a LTC + could see it? If so, what’s the point of only them and higher ranks seeing it?

I am not sure if anyone can see it or it’s just not appearing for a weird reason now. But I would wait for more responses that can support that the Forum is not just acting this way on purpose. I don’t see a point in just a LTC+ seeing it but they might have a use for it, if that is the case.

Admins and Sages can see your edit reasons.



What’s the point of that? Why would a LTC be interested in that? Oops I misspelled that, oops forgot to add that. Can you see with the message I sent to @Kampfkarren where I changed the edit reason to “test”.

(I’m Kampfkarren, I added this for demonstration)

For moderators, it can be useful if someone flags a post and that post gets edited. For LTCs, I’d imagine it’s a permission that comes with being able to move posts.

LTCs have the access just because it comes with the edit perms.

However, the more useful reason is so that when we edit your posts, you can see why. Check out your reply.

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I’ve only seen two posts that have edit reasons, but I cannot recall them…