“Publish to Roblox As” not working

I currently making a game and when I loaded it up from an autosave containing the latest changes, I pressed “Publish to Roblox As” to upload the changes that I made in the autosave to the acultural game. It shows the Publish Game screen but all messed up. I tried to restart my laptop and reinstall Roblox Studio but it doesn’t solve this problem. Please help me and I not sure if this is in the right topic.

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This should be in #bug-reports:studio-bugs . Also try looking through your auto-save files, incase anything goes wrong, it is saved there. Try opening that if you do see it.

What I mean is that I wanna upload the changes made in the autosave to be uploaded to the actual game and “Publish to Roblox As“ isn’t working and I want it to work again.