“You were kicked from this game:Exploiting is a bannable offense. This action log has been submitted to ROBLOX Error Code:267” - Bug

Hay there ever since I tride to do migrate to lattest update in my server it started to say “You were kicked from this game:Exploiting is a bannable offense. This action log has been submitted to ROBLOX Error Code:267” I re published the game as new map and it still going I own the game and it has happend for a mate of mine to! Im not Banned on roblox I can get in studio still to edit it
{I hope I put it in the right place}


Its a 267 error which means it has nothing to do with roblox. A 267 error represents a kick which means you have a script in your game that’s using :kick() to kick you.

Its probably a false positive from an anti in the game (unless you were using admin commands like :fly, :dog and triggered it). The “This action log has been submitted to ROBLOX” is just to give the offender a spook. Nothing will actually happen to your account. I advise you review your scripts to find the culprit.

Hope this helps and goodluck!


I pressed Migrate to latest update and thats when it happend

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I dont think u should press that. Can you explain why you pressed it?

Its likely a plugin or a model they got from someone else. Check through your plugins and any models in your game, it could be using a module so if you cant access the source just remove it.

bc i need it to get to the newest update

To get it to the latest update you are suppose to publish not migrate

If you updated something then this happened, remove it from your studio and report it.
Be very careful with plugins and models other people have created.

I did not add anything I just grouped a Building then pressed it

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oh and minimic is correct. Error code 267 means game dev kicked you out of the game not roblox banned you. The ban message was written by a troller

It doesn’t matter if you did. Just check ALL your model and scripts and plugins.

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It is likely an anti-exploit script/module you use that has been confused by players being removed as part of the server shutdown.

Does your game contain any anti-exploits?

It’s not from Roblox themselves as it’s called Roblox not ROBLOX, and the “You’ve been kicked from the game:” is there to indicate it’s a developer-driven action.

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Check all your scripts to search any possible infection.


You are most likely using CarbonEngine (CE), which is basically a framework for weapons. It has a few lines in the code where it kicks the player based on incorrect arguments.


if not L_171_arg8 or L_171_arg8 ~= 'Auth' then
		L_164_arg1:Kick('Exploiting is a bannable offense. This action log has been submitted to ROBLOX.')

Make sure it is up to date.


I think the easiest way to detect which script is doing this is run the game in studio. Since the Kick() function doesn’t work in studio, it will print an error in the output.

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Kick does work in Studio. Studio operates like a normal game server, except with no latency and all physics are handled by you, the client. It also has a different security level from normal game to my memory, but that’s an entirely different topic.

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This is either a free model virus or your anti-exploit is acting up. Actual ban logs don’t look like that. I suggest searching all your scripts for ‘This action log has been submitted’ then finding it and deleting it.

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Did you do something BEFORE grouping the building? Like adding a model, allowed script injection from a plugin, etc, etc?

Roblox would not use a normal kick message, they would probably use something more secure with SecurityLevel, and you wouldn’t even know about it until you got the ban message on your home page on roblox.

You have a virus in your game.

Do yourself a favor, and in studio, Press Ctrl+Shift+F.
Now, type :Kick in the textbox that comes up.

Any instances that come up with that code, delete.

Then, check all of your plugins. You likely have plugins that impersonate real ones, when they actually inject harmful elements into your game.