⁙ Invisible collision malware ⁙

Find All checks all script types and its server-sided because its doing it on server test mode.

Have you recently inserted any models from the toolbox?
I would suggest looking through everything you have inserted (if anything was inserted) and reading the whole script. Don’t just use CTRL + F, there could be something else you should be looking for. For example, it could change collision groups.

I don’t use toolbox unless its skybox or sounds but only used sounds for this game

what did you do last time before this happened?

I just redesigned some of the UI elements nothing to scripts.

Didn’t find it by doing this again.

You can try to disable all scripts and localscripts by (in toolbar, and edit mode):

for i,v in pairs(game:GetDescendants()) do

    if v:IsA("Script") or v:IsA("LocalScript") then

        v.Disabled = true



And see if it’s happening again

maybe all ur parts have cancollide on true by default

I’m not 100% sure if I can undo the command bar in edit mode because some scripts have to start disabled but I’ll do this on a copy.

No that’s where I found the problem everything that is can collide = false becomes true and if I try to disable it in the test it enables itself.

sooo if you change the collisions in playmode then exit it wont save

I think you can’t undo a command on the bar, but you can make all script by doing:

for i,v in pairs(game:GetDescendants()) do

    if v:IsA("Script") or v:IsA("LocalScript") then

        v.Disabled = false



got an idea, create a boolean object inside the script, and boolean is the script disable value and disable it. When revert I just check what that value was and paste it into the script disable bool.

k I did it and its still happening so its not a script confirmed!

Malware scripts
Plugin Malware
Roblox Bug
Roblox unknown feature

This is unrelated to the topic or the bug or the malware whatever, but add this line of code at the end to make a waypoint so you can undo.

-- code here

Basically, this makes a “save point”. When you make changes, then you SetWaypoint, it checks which stuff you changed, then pressing undo (or ctrl+z) undo-s the changes

does your character collide to your invisible parts?
check if some of the parts are parented to the camera

This counts for all parts in the game including buildings, character models, character accessories, replicated storage parts everything.

Have you used Collision Groups? It was probably enabled somehow… go into the collision group editor and remove/delete all the groups.

This doc shows you a step by step:

Thank you so much you’re so smart! I didn’t think about collision filtering!!!

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