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Hey! My name is cc6se and I am currently a GFX/UI artist. I have been doing art and virtual design for a few years and I am eager to make something for someone else! I will put 200% effort into your commission!

FULL SHOWCASE :point_right:t5: cc6se - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Commission Sheet

  • My preferable form of payment is by Robux via group payouts or by t-shirt payment (client must cover tax fees.)
  • I take full payment after the graphic is completed. You’ll be shown the final with a large watermark which will be removed upon payment. I can, however, charge 50% or full payment up front for any reason.
  • My prices are aimed towards clients with comfortable budgets, but I’m open for negotiations
  • Pricing is based on detail, complexity, and demand. I always aim to produce work I’m proud of, so I often spend hours perfecting a graphic to meet not only your expectations, but mine as well.
  • If you’ve got a deadline, let me know, and I’ll be willing to work with it. I may charge extra as a rush fee if you need it sooner than when I’d finish.
  • Prices for other graphics can be determined while ordering. Though not listed, I can do gamepass/badge icons, character/object renders, Ads, and generally anything you may need that requires 3D rendering.

:one: "All in one package"

  • Includes a Group icon, Game icon, Game Thumbnail, Renders, and a Logo.

Price : 1k Robux

:two: "Realistic Package"

  • Includes a detailed GFX. Buyer gets to choose if it is a Thumbnail, Ad, Game Icon, or Group Icon.

Price : 2k Robux

:three: "Ads, Ads, Ads!"

  • Includes 3 Skyscraper Ads, 2 Banner Ads, and 1 Rectangle Ad.

Price : 1.5k Robux

You can contact me on discord at cc6se#4973

Terms of Service
  • I reserve the right to deny any commission for whatever reason, be it that I’m too busy or simply do not wish to take the order.
  • My prices can change beyond the listed range. If you are not comfortable paying what I charge, there are other artists who can fit within your budget.
  • If we initially agree on a payment, I expect you to fully meet said payment at the end of the order.
  • Upon ordering, please have the models you’d like in the graphic ready along with any sort of reference. Though I can model, I generally will not for commissions.
  • No refunds or chargebacks after the design is completed to your wishes. I will work with you until you are satisfied, but I may charge extra if multiple changes are made.
  • You must pay 50% after I send the watermarked version, then I will send the unwatermarked version which after that you would pay the rest.

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