★ Isles Café ★ - Christmas Update

[•] By Isles Café: Isles Café - Roblox

[•] Credits: ★ Isles Café ★ - Credits

⁝ Christmas Content:

  • Added christmas theme to the map.
  • Added collectible presents that are scattered around the map.
  • Added limited-time foods.
  • Added limited-time daily quest.
  • Added snowballs that you can throw.
  • Added a Christmas tree with a mysterious timer.

⁝ Kitchen Renovation:

Boba Tea

  • New Syrups: Marshmallow, Blackberry, Caramel

  • New Tapiocas: Orange, Banana Tapiocas

  • Adjusted original syrup/tapioca colors

Fruit Juice

  • New pineapple juice.

  • Removed lemonade juice.


  • New Syrups: Marshmallow, Lime, Oreo, Blackberry
  • Adjusted the syrup colors.

Coffee & Tea

  • New Ice Coffee & Ice Tea.
  • New process to make hot versions.
  • Adjusted the colors.

Ice Cream

  • New Flavors: Mint, Bubblegum, Caramel


  • Fixed spelling mistake: Monchi → Mochi.

‎ ‎

⁝ System Overhaul:

Monitor Overhaul

  • Redesigned the UI and UX of the monitor
  • Redesigned the order list
  • Moved Customer to front
  • Added more security to the login window
  • Added a new preview window
    • Edit orders
    • Edit customer


  • Redesigned the overhead design
  • Added AFK indicator


  • Buy gamepasses to help you in any way
    • 2x Speed
    • 2x Points
    • 5x Points
    • VIP (Currently just gives tag but soon you’ll get your own kitchen and UI)
    • Instant Cashier


  • Added a few new settings
  • Removed time setting

Report System

  • Added a new option to report players.
    • If abused the user will find themselves with a 10-day ban.

Proximity Prompts

  • New prompt designs
  • New sounds added
  • Redesigned choice menu

Daily Rewards

  • Claim rewards every 24 hours.

Main Menu

  • Redesigned main menu
  • Redesigned loading screen

Spill System

  • Added Spills that you can clean for extra coins
    • Premium room contains golden spills


  • Added gear shop
    • Some gears can benefit you to collect coins
    • New special Shiba plushies added to the gear shop

Donation Board

  • New look to the board
  • Fixed bug where first-time donations don’t register

Experience Board

  • New Look to the board


  • Fixed performance issues with future lighting
  • Fixed brightness so that it doesn’t blind users


  • Added a boundary so that players don’t die when falling into the ocean

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where you can see other players in the main menu
    • Moved the main menu to a different location
  • Fixed bug where you can glitch through walls with items
  • Fixed elevator doors not always teleporting you back
  • Fixed loading screen sometimes not working
  • Fixed Overheads sometimes not loading properly
  • Added some Anti-Cheat to help prevent exploiters