➤ [OPEN] phorba - Commission Sheet - Builder,Terrain Artist, Manager, Game Artist, Map Designer, Game Director

Hey there! I hope you are staying safe and happy during the current events among us.

About me

Hello there! My name is phorba, but you can call me orba. I specialize in being a Manager, Terrain Artist, Map Designer, and Game Director. I have been apart of developing for 2 years now as I have had an account for 4 years.


Managing: I have been a project manager for the Tales of the loop game. I oversee the project and I make sure everyone is on task and making sure they meet deadlines. I also hire/fire people and I also manage the payments such as percentages and per month payments. I manage the game, ROBLOX groups, or discord servers.

Terrain: Here is some of my latest work:

Game Director: I have directed a couple of games backgrounds such as my game, Left to Die. In Left To Die, it’s dark, the only thing you have is a lantern for you to see. The game will start with a total of 12 players – 1 hunter and 11 victims. The Victims will get 10 seconds to find somewhere to hide before the hunter finds them. The victims will have a lantern on their belt. They can turn on and off the lantern by pressing F. The hunter is able to have special perks that give him/her an advantage. The game will play for 180 seconds unless ALL of the victims get killed. After the 3 minutes have passed. The victims will get 120 seconds to kill the hunter with guns. There will be Sprint and Jump bars. They regenerate but slowly so you’ll have to strategize on how you use them.

Map Designer: I design maps such as simulators, roleplay, etc. my work file has gotten deleted on accident while i was cleaning my computer.

Builder: i’ll send my work in dms. i specialize in low poly but i can do realistic if needed.


I do not take paypal or $. I will take ROBLOX gift cards so i can get premium, group funds, or t-shirt payment as long as you cover the %. I DO NOT only take a percentage as there is no guarantee that the game will do good. Payment amount will be discussed in dms. Minimum is 5k.


You can contact me on my discord. phorba#8385

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


Hello! That’s a pretty nice portfolio. I would, however, recommend using the screenshot tools (snipping tool on Windows, for example) to provide higher-quality images for your work.

Keep it up!


thank you for the feedback! i appreciate it


i am currently still in need of a job!

Hi, just wanna give you some feedback on your portfolio. I think in your topic title should be a little more summed up, instead of using the same words to describe a certain a job like “terrain artist” and “map designer” or “manager” and “game director” you should use one or the other and extend further in the body of the post about it. I also think you should update your example work and use a

Hidden slide

to show off your work here and make your portfolio a little easier to read

What I also like to do for people is leave a link to a showcase game so they can see it for themselves. One last thing focusing on your payment, I think you should make it quick and brief like:

I will only be accepting the following: ROBLOX Gift cards, Group Funds, and T-shirt payments covering the percentage.

Other than that I think your showcase body is really good and I love your opening message. Hope you can take my advice to help you and get you a job offer! oh and remember to update your portfolio with your latest work!