「CLOSED」Experienced SCP Genre Builder

About me

Hello! My username is DecentStorm.
I and a few friends have recently started a new project and are looking for a professional builder for a 13,000+ SCP Foundation.

About the job

What I am exactly looking for is a very experienced builder with dedication and activity. All produced assets must be custom made and not stolen from any other individual.


The payment will be ranging around 40,000-50,000 R$ [ + or -] depending on;
Quality of end product | Dedication | Communication


You must seem to meet the following requirements to be hired for our project;

  • Must be 13 or above.
  • Must have a free schedule. (please don’t take the job and then be on leave for exams.)
  • If you decide to quit before the final product, the payment will totally depend on our Project Director.
  • Payment will be made after the final product.
  • After the job is done, no distribution of produced assets shall happen

Contact me

If you seem to be interested in taking this job offer please be sure to Direct Message me via Discord as I will most likely reply there.
Decent ッ#0001
When DMing, please be sure to send me a portfolio.
Thank you for considering! :slight_smile:



I am interested. I sent you a request on Discord.


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