「OnePixel Development」 Discord Bot Development 「Closed」

OnePixel no longer does Roblox contracts. We apologise in advance.

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About Us

Hi! Thanks for checking out our portfolio. I am the Chief Technical Officer and a developer for OnePixel Development, a development studio directed by me and @Friz_Dzhugashvili (leadership).

We offer a service of writing custom Discord bots. We have been doing this for a long time (pretty much since the studio started getting back on its feet back in July 2019, but we started much further back than that). This is our first time offering our services to the public.


We do some writeups of specific projects on our blog with authorization from the contractor. These writeups normally contain the steps we take to get to a certain point in the project and may or may not be updated when the project matures more. Here is one of the bots we have developed:

Writer’s note: This bot was developed for free as the developers were part of the game’s development group at the time. Donations were accepted via the bot to support runtime. We can provide a similar service for your group, just get in touch.
IRF Verification is a specialized bot built for the Roblox group Immortal Robloxian Federation out of necessity for a better verification and account linking bot. It is an alternative to RoVer and one of the largest OnePixel projects to date. Featuring a custom user account registry (that pulls from RoVer’s registry if required), it offers some of the fastest verification times that we and the group leaders have seen. It maintains a 99% uptime, normally only going down due to Discord issues or for maintenance. It features group references in the playing messages for a bit of fun and easy to understand group binding. Mass verification is also supported, verifying entire roles of people. Reports are generated for mass verifications.


We are normally available for contact at most times during the day (GMT/BST) however due to work we may not be available at that time. However, do send a DM as we will try and reply at the first available opportunity.


Prices are negotiable. Our base price is 100R$ (~£1) and development costs are billed at 25R$ (~£0.25) per hour. The fees can be paid either through group funds (for Robux prices) or via PayPal (for actual currency prices). Bot updates will not have the base price, only the hourly development cost. The base price may go up depending on complexity of the bot requested, however it is normal for the hourly rate to stay the same. The hourly rate normally only goes up if special development work is needed (e.g. the contract requires a web API) or if multiple developers are required to be brought on the project. We will not go below the prices listed here.

Hosting is not cheap. If you choose to host your bot with us, we will charge £5.99 a month for the contracted bot. For future bots you may purchase from us, this will go down by £1 each bot (second bot would be £4.99 a month, third would be £3.99 a month, etc.), to a minimum of £0.99 a month. This is only payable via a subscription set up with PayPal. For this price, you get the bot hosting, maintenance, and also a high uptime guarantee. Depending on bot scale, this may be reduced down to a lower price.


You can contact us at our Discord server. DM LewisTehMinerz#1337 to begin a chat about a possible bot. You will be sent a contract to review and agree on. The contract can be modified at any point during the discussion, but once it is agreed on it cannot be changed.

Closing Remarks

If you would like more previous work, please message me (see Contact for my Discord tag) and I will retrieve some screenshots and evidence of experience, as well as listing them on the portfolio for people to read in the future.


Inquiry: What servers do you use to host your client’s bots?

We use Contabo.

We write bots for Roblox groups that request them. It’s a pretty niche market so we thought we’d hop in and provide our services as well.