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The Commission

We looking for an experienced/advanced builder for our CyberPunk themed game. We need a medium to large map that is based on the layout of “The Steets” or “DaHood”.

The said builder should know how to utilize the FIB3 lighting in ways that make the game look extraordinary, and the builder should also have a decent understanding of blender and how to create mesh parts in Blender/C4D to reduce part count as well as lag.

Upon commission, you will be given more information about the game. Below, you can see the aesthetic and theme we want the game built-in.

Refference Pictures


For the payment, we are paying 90 ⇿ 120 USD upon base commission. However, if you choose to stay with us and work long term and provide updates when requested, you will be given a group percentage. 5% percentage if you choose to stay and update your builds if needed, and after a large update, you will be paid out though group funds.

This is all up for debate, so if you have a rebuttal, feel free to DM me.


  • Must be 15+
  • Have an abundance of experience in Roblox Studio
  • Should have a basic understanding of Blender/C4D
  • Know how to use FIB3 Lighting properly and efficiently
  • Mut be ready to try new building styles and take instruction
  • Should be creative and able to add your own ideas to your builds to “spice” things up

Development Team
@ionsNET - Game Design / Graphics / SFX
@DrBaja - Main Scripter
@filmsupremacy - UI Artist

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord ion#4040.

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